Tattoo Designs

As a collector of tattoos I also enjoy designing them either for myself or customer, I am not a tattooist myself. I create designs for customers to take to a tattooist.

If you like my work then their are 3 ways you can go about using my artwork for a design, please not that as I am not a tattooist, and tattoo artists tend to have their own style the design may be altered slightly by them to make it suitable for tattooing.

1) If there is a piece of my work that you already like then I charge a small fee of £5 for the use of the design for tattooing purposes only, for this you will get an email with a scan of the image and my written consent for you to use the piece. This isn’t available for all my work as some work may be custom pieces that are for another customers use only. For £5 you get the rights to use the piece but you wont be the ONLY person that’s able to do this.

2) If you want to be the only person with the rights to use one of my pieces as a tattoo then there is a fee of £25 (plus £5 if you would like the original artwork sent to you as well via post). For this you get an email with a scan of the image, and written consent to use the piece with confirmation that you are the only one that is receiving permission to use the design for tattooing purposes. Please not that this is not available on all of my artwork.

3) I am also happy to custom draw designs for tattooing purposes, either digitally on procreate or by hand, there is not a set price for this as it depends on the size and detail of the piece. The minimum price for a design is £20, and there is a deposit of £20 on all pieces.  



If you are interested in paying for a commission piece then please contact me via the contact page, please in the email include:

  • The purpose of the piece (tattoo, logo, portrait, for merch)
  • The subject of the piece (what animal)
  •  The size (A5, A4, A3)
  • Medium and style you are after
  • Framed or unframed
  • Do you require a physical copy or just a scan of the piece
The more information you provide me with the more I can do to create what you are looking for, I normally respond to emails within 48 hours.