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On this page you can find subscriptions, 

Instead of setting up a Patroen account and having another account to keep on top of I created my subscription page.

So what is this?

The under £10.00 artist support 

This is a way that you can support me as an artist, my artwork is mainly on the theme of animal rights, and I often donate originals and prints to different causes. I also have created pieces for free for animal rights groups such as hunt says, artist support helps me pay for materials, my website, print costs etc so that I can continue to do this.

The £20.00 Subscription Box

These are my subscription boxes, much like how any other subscription box works, each month you will get a box of goodies up to or over the value of your subscription cost! This can include merch, artwork, prints, discount codes, sweets (vegan of course), limited items and other such items!

The £30.00 total appreciation box.

This is the highest priced subscription box and there are only 10 available subscriptions at any one time, this box not only includes £30.00 worth of goodies (from the list mentioned above). But every month I will pick a sanctuary and £5.00 from each box paid will be donated (you will get a note in your box with info on where the donation has been made to).

All subscriptions work on a monthly bases, boxes will be sent out on the 1st of the month after your first payment, they can be cancelled anytime. 

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