The Art Of Compassion Project

What is the Art Of Compassion Project?

An art collective made up of a variety of vegan artists from around the world, the project was started in 2015 by Leigh Sanders and now has over 190 artists and its still growing. With the theme being animal rights or animals in general this project aims to use art as a way of spreading the vegan message to bring compassion to all.

How do they do this?

Throughout the year exhibitions at events and auctions online are set up, artists all over then can submit there work online, there artwork is then made into prints to be sold at the events or online auctions.

100% of profits from the events are then donated to different cause such as sanctuaries and activist groups, you can find the full list here.

The list includes organizations such as Animal Equality, a UK based group doing work to expose cruelty to animals through undercover investigations and the use of VR headsets to bring people face to face with the animals. The project has also been used to raise money for animal sanctuaries such as Animals in Need, Hillside Animal Sanctuary and New Hope animal Rescue. As you know before submitting work which organisation/group/charity the money will be raised for and the theme, you can choose if you want to partake before submitting your work.

The Artists

 With over 190 artists now involved I unfortunately cant feature them all in this blog, and I feel it would be unfair to feature any if I cant feature them all.

You can find a full list of artists with links to their websites and/or social media here. I Honestly recommend having a look through and taking the time to look a these artists websites/social media as they all have such passion for what they do and are creating incredible art.


Why Should You Join The Project?

It doesn't matter if art is your business or hobby, everyone in the project is at different places with their art and doing different things but everyone in the project is treated as equals as everyone's art is equally important. perhaps you have never shared your art with anyone and looking for a place to start? This would be a perfect way to start getting your art seen whilst also supporting amazing causes. There is very little pressure to do all the projects, you can pick and choose which ones so if you feel overwhelmed then you are able to take a step back.

The main reason I decided to join the Art Of Compassion Project was that iv always used my art when I can to raise funds for different vegan groups or sanctuaries, so it just made sense for me to take part and join in with a group of people who are so like minded and wanted to do the same.

If you do feel like joining the project then you can do so here.

- HMA x

P.S The photos were taken by Philip Down, you can find his artwork here 




  • Holly, thanks for a great post! I joined AOC yesterday after finding the courage from secretly wanting to for a while. My art and writing etc is a hobby as I’m a carer for my daughter at home, but I thought I could help animals in this way, especially as I improve my skills! I never feel good enough and I’m trying not to compare myself with all the talented artists, and your blog has helped me to feel better about joining. Thanks, Lou 🌱

    Louise Hird
  • A great post, thank you Hollie :)

    Leigh Sanders

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