The 3 As - Art, Anarchy and Animals, Welcome to Holly Merry Art

The 3 As


For as long as I can remember I have been into drawing and art, my favourite subject at school, constant doodling, a B in GCSE and being marked down because my teacher didn't like my work (seriously who needs that kind of judgment).


I went on to do a As in Art but can't remember my grade, again, I was marked down or told I would be if the examiner didn't like my work, so I quit sixth form with a A level in sociology and human biology and a As in Art and psychology to do tattooing.


Tattooing is just another form of art, and as someone who has always preferred imagery it just makes sense to have it on my body, but the tattooing didn't go any where and after 12 years of retail and dipping with drawing when I had the time I finally found my inspiration.



Is NOT a dirty word.

"A person who believes in or tries to bring about anarchy"

A person who is apposed to a government or state because it is harmful and unnecessary, someone who is opposed to a hierarchy. A person who is against this patriarchal, capitalist system where we are told we are free but will never know true freedom.

Here is a interesting read on anarchy 

I am opposed to systems that are not equal, that don't create equality, and in the future I would like to create more art on this.



I don't mean to sound really cliche but veganism has really changed my life, I'm not talking about my diet, (although my health is much better for it). No what I mean is that before going vegan I didn't really give a damn about anything other than myself, it wasn't until I started looking into the suffering of our animal cousins that I started becoming aware of the human suffering happening all over.

The story of why I went vegan will be saved for another blog, but animal rights activism and drawing the animals that I had witnessed in fear and happiness is what enabled me to start Holly Merry Art. 

The goal since I started creating, selling and sharing my artwork has always been to shed light on the suffering of others, to begin with this was just animals but since then I have created some pieces concerning human rights. 

Im really excited to see where this takes me, and to see what art I create in the future.

 - HMA x

p.s The adroable dog in the photo is Tomato, he lives at Friend Farmed Animal Rescue


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