Supporting Sabs, Saving Foxes

A few of you may have noticed that with the sale of some of my artwork I donate a % to different hunt sab groups, for example I donate 20% of sales from anything in my HUNTED series to the South Cambs Hunt Sabs.

I also do various other pieces such as my AHAB stickers which were also made into prints as part of the Art of Compassion Project exhibition at Vegfest this year (2019), this exhibition was to specifically raise money for the Hunt Sabotours Assosation.

Most recently I started knitting black snoods with anti-hunt labels, and a portion of the sales go to the Hertfordshire Hunt Sabs.

What is the HSA, and what do Sabs do?

The Hunt Sabatours Assosiation was founded in 1964, at a time when hunting with hounds was still legal, there is a really good short video here that you can watch to get a better understanding. Fox hunting became illegal in the UK in 2005, but trail hunting and loop holes in laws have meant that several groups of hunters have carried on in what they claim to be a "traditional sport". This is why capturing footage and using body cameras is a vital part of hunt sabotage, if hunters are aware they are on camera this may deter them from making an illegal kill, it also means that any illegal activity can be caught on camera and used as evidence.

The HSA have groups now spread all over England, there are also groups in Wales, Ireland, and Scotland, Australia, Sweden, Germany,  and Switzerland to name a few. The animals that are hunted and the laws around it also change dramatically between country, for example whilst the hunting of animals with a pack of hounds in England is illegal. In Scotland it is still legal to flush a fox out of cover with hounds.

It is not just fox hunting that is sabotaged, other hunts include mink, pheasant, deer and hare, hunters will often claim that hunting these animals is for wildlife preservation to stop overpopulation. But pheasants are actually bred then imported into the UK to be released for shooting for sport, you can read more about this here.

Hunt sab groups also work alongside anti cull groups during the badger cull that happens in the UK each year, you can read more about this topic on my other blog post here.

In general the goal of hunt sabotage is to stop wildlife being killed using legal and safe methods, and for me after following multiple groups on social media over the past few years I decideded to use my artwork to support the HSA when I can.

How can you support Hunt Sabs?

First off find out if you have any groups in your area, most of the groups have Facebook or Instagram pages so that is a good place to start! Make sure you regularly share their posts, this helps to educate others about what is happening as some people are not even aware that illegal fox hunting is happening.

If you can and are able to then donations to your local groups are always appreciated, many of the groups also sell merch to raise funds and the HSA website has a online shop.

One of the best and most effective ways to support is to join your local group if you can, this can either be to help them fundraise through stalls, online merch, creating something that you can donate to sell or to join them in direct action on the ground.

Anti hunt artwork

You can find my anti hunt artwork here, these pieces are all either directly against hunting or a percentage of the profits from them go to Hunt Sab groups. I also offer artwork design free to any sab groups that need it for t-shirts, logos or to auction for funding (please drop me a message before using any artwork, or if you know a group that needs something designing).

- HMA x

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